Dr. Ubatuba examines Dog Shadow.
  Dr. Ubatuba examines Shadow.

ShareFest, the annual festival of sharing and caring in the New Lenox, IL community, took on its first home renovation project this summer. The Prairie House Project received numerous donations and volunteer services to help provide Ray, Don and Lawrence Sabec with a new home.

On August 1, 2014, ShareFest began the demolition of the Sabec brothers' home and the brothers moved into temporary housing. However, one member of their family could not join them — their four-year-old black lab mix, Shadow.

During the July ShareFest meeting, the organization asked if anyone had a recommendation on how to get Shadow the medical treatment he needed as well as a foster home for him during the 6-week project. The New Lenox Chamber reached out to the Animal Clinic at New Lenox (ACNL), and we were happy to help.

  Dog Shadow with Foster Family
  Shadow with his temporary foster family.

Shadow arrived at ACNL on August 2. Over the upcoming weeks, we will get him up-to-date on his vaccines, perform a heartworm test, and treat him for flea bite dermatitis. We have obtained permission from his owners to neuter him and are doing that with blood work.

As an added bonus, Merial has agreed to provide three months' worth of flea and tick prevention for Shadow at no cost.

Shadow can rest easy now that Chris Findley, one of our caring receptionists and long-time ACNL employee, has opened her heart and home to help foster him until his new home has been completed.

We are thrilled to be able to assist with the care of Shadow. There is nothing more rewarding in our field than helping a pet and owners in need. Being a part of the New Lenox Chamber of Commerce and ShareFest's Prairie House Project has allowed us to give back to the New Lenox Community, a community of which we are so proud to be a member of, and we are grateful for that opportunity.

For more information on this story, please read the New Lenox Chamber of Commerce's press release, Chamber Member Steps Up to Help Four-Legged Friend.